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August 2020

Manual vs Electric Tooth Brush
The effectiveness of electronic and manual toothbrush are very similar. To be honest, it depends on a personal preference and which one is more comfortable for you to use. So [...]
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Is Flossing Necessary
Flossing it’s to clean our gap between our teeth. Flossing is necessary. It’s mandatory to do it after, at least once a day. Sometimes maybe multiple times, if you had [...]
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Look after your teeth after deep cleaning
– Sensitivity is also part of the side effect. The good news is that it usually does not linger. – [Female Hygienist] There’s a teeth right there. – Things you [...]
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Victorian Dental Restrictions Update (7th Aug)
The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee has advised all dental practices in Australia to implement level 3 restrictions due to the escalating Coronavirus pandemic As a result, Hearts Dental will [...]
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Proper Technique for Cleaning Your Teeth
And we need to brush in circles, instead of horizontal or vertical. Toothbrushing, what I usually tell my patient is our plaque or bacterias are usually found around the gum [...]
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