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Dr Max Li

Dr Max Li Dentist in Blackburn


Before graduating from the University of Melbourne with a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) and a Bachelor of Biomedicine (BBiomed) degree, Max has had a breadth of life experiences from where he spent his earlier years in Shenzhen (CH) and Auckland (NZ). Through his gentle nature and a great sense of humor, Max is able to ease the stigmatized dental appointments into a relaxing relationship, as Max believes a positive dental experience is the start of the journey towards a healthy smile.

After graduating from dental school, Max spent several years in regional Queensland where he explored his passions in dentistry. His enthusiasm for further studies enhanced his knowledge and deepened his experience in the fields of wisdom teeth extractions, crowns/bridges, periodontal therapy, root canal therapy, and dentures. Max also feels strongly about preventative dentistry, managing issues conservatively while they are still minimal, and advising his patients on the pathway to perfect oral health.

Through his easy-going and relaxed demeanor, Max holds pride in his abilities to provide pain-free dental cleans and gentle extractions. He holds a strong belief in which effective communication skills and a patient-centered approach are the keys to successful treatments and long-term patient relationships.

Putting work aside, Max enjoys a quiet evening with movies, books, and tea. Occasional social events allow Max to come out for a whiff of fresh air at hotpot places with his friends. Max has once hiked on the Great Ocean Walk for 3 days and decided maybe it was not best suited for him.

李醫生畢業於墨爾本大學牙科專業 (DDS) 並榮獲了生物醫學學士學位 (BBiomed)。出生於新疆,李醫生自小便隨父母移居深圳,後來輾轉奧克蘭,終於定居在墨爾本。成長在不斷變化的環境中造就了李醫生陽光開朗、風趣幽默的性格;這也得以使他與患者們在輕鬆愉快的交流中減緩牙科治療中的焦慮與恐懼。李醫生堅信良好的病患關係便是口腔健康的開始。

在畢業後,李醫生曾就職於昆士蘭的私人診所。他的第一份工作讓他在牙體修復 (牙冠、牙橋、義齒)、根管治療、牙周病治療方面積累了豐富的臨床經驗;尤其對口腔外科、智齒移除情有獨鐘。口腔預防醫學也是李醫生積極實踐的學科;他深信口腔疾病需要普及口腔衛生理念、養成良好的口腔護理習慣才能防患於未然。




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