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Dr Sophia Zhao

Dr Sophia Zhao Dentist Blackburn


Graduated from University of Melbourne with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree (DDS). Sophia enjoys all aspects in dentistry. She values a holistic approach in dental treatment not only limited to addressing immediate dental problems but also on educating patients with primary preventative measures and improving overall oral health and one’s quality of life.

Before entering dental school, Sophia graduated from University of Toronto with a Honours Bachelor undergraduate degree (H.B.Sc.) with First-class honours and received multiple scholarships. She then received a Master degree (M.Sc.) in Human Anatomical Science with experience in human dissection, lecturing university students and medical researches.

After graduating from dental school, Sophia continues to strive for excellence in both clinical performance and dental knowledge. She has been frequently updating and expanding her dental knowledge through various continuous professional development programs in different dental specialities (root canal therapy, dental implants, oral surgery, infection control, orthodontics) to strengthen her skills and provide best care for her patients. She is also a certified invisalign provider. 

Sophia shows great respect and responsibility to all her patients. Her calm, gentle and friendly demeanor was well received by patients under her care with heartwarming comments and positive feedback.

Sophia speaks fluent Mandarin and English, as well as some Cantonese not only limited to yum cha menu.

Outside of work, Sophia enjoys spending time with family, hanging out with friends and her pet bird named Garlic. Sophia also enjoys cooking for family and friends, travelling and tasting cuisines from different countries and learning about their culture as well as making new friends.

Sophia believes when she puts her heart into something she enjoys to do, that is seeing more healthy smiles using her dental expertise, she can make a difference!


在進入牙科學校之前,趙醫生以優異的成績從加拿大多倫多大學獲得榮譽學士學位(H.B.Sc.),並在讀書期間多年獲得獎學金。隨後她在加拿大皇后大學進修碩士學位, 期間為大學生教授解剖學。她以優異成績獲得了人體解剖學碩士學位(M.Sc.),在人體解剖和醫學研究方面具有豐富的經驗。


趙醫生可以說流利的普通話和英語。她用心做事,不忘初心, 以客為尊來對待每一位患者。 患者在她嫻熟,溫柔和友好的治療下給予了她好評。




Root Canal/Endodontics Treatment (RCT)
Paediatric/Children Dentistry
Periodontal/Gum Disease Treatment
Restorative Dentistry
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