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Back to School CDBS Promo

Road trips, summer picnics, family meetups, school holidays are often packed with fun things to do. With less than 2 weeks to go before returning to school, don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your child’s back-to-school dental check-up!

Why is it so important to get your child in for their back-to-school dental checkup? Here are five reasons:

  1. Early detection of dental decay
    Researches show that children with dental problems are nearly 3 times more likely than their healthier friends to miss school. Early detection and prevention can help your child avoid absences because of dental pain. Because most children’s diets contain a high level of sweets and sugar, decay can progress very quickly! Dr Max explains, “We can help spot dental decay early and take care of problems asap, so your child doesn’t have to miss class once school starts.”
  2. Setting up good health routines
    Also, this timely dental check-up can help your child (and the rest of the family) get back on track with a healthier dental routine and dietary habits, which can often fall off track during the more relaxed summer months.
  3. Spotting any orthodontic problems
    Is your child’s teeth lining up correctly or are there any other orthodontic issues that need to be addressed? Are they losing their baby teeth at the appropriate time and are their permanent teeth coming through properly?
    More and more children and their parents prefer early orthodontic treatments to reduce the complexity of future orthodontic work and minimise the need for teeth removal to make room for braces. Our dentists can advise if your child can benefit from early orthodontic intervention.
  4. Getting pearly white smiles for school photos
    CDBS Getting pearly white smiles for school photos
    Professional cleaning is crucial in protecting oral health. “It removes cavity-causing bacteria,” says Dr. Max, “and helps to keep gum tissue healthy. It also removes any stains from their teeth.” We have the latest air-polishing technology to remove stubborn black stains that can otherwise make your child self-conscious at school.
  5. Preparing your child for safe sports
    Back-to-school also means the start of the sports season again. It’s important that your child wears a protective mouthguard if he or she is participating in school sports. Your dentist can make a custom-fitted mouthguard that will fit correctly and feel comfortable.If your child already has a mouthguard, make sure they bring it along with them to their appointment. As your child grows and their jaws and teeth develop, a new mouthguard every 6 months is recommended to make sure it fits properly and gives adequate protection.

Did you know your child’s dental care is now bulk billed? Simply send us your medicare card details so we can help determine your dental benefits.

Get your child in for their check-up, then relax and enjoy the rest of the summer knowing they are ready to go back to school with a healthy smile. Call Hearts Dental today on (03) 9978 4869 or Book Online to make an appointment and beat the rush!