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Missing teeth

Missing Teeth Treatment Blackburn

After losing our milk teeth, it is easy to take our adult teeth for granted. But Our teeth don’t always last a lifetime! According to dental researches, Australian Adults on average are missing 5 teeth! The top three reasons for missing teeth are gum disease, dental decay, and trauma. Older generation tends to lose teeth due to gum disease or extensive decay, while younger people may be more prone to trauma such as skiing accidents, contact ball sports or high-speed motor vehicle accidents.

Regardless of the reason, a missing front tooth can affect your ability to eat, to speak and negatively impact on your social confidence. Missing back teeth can result in poor chewing ability, and even affect your general digestive health in the long run.

Many people learnt to live with missing teeth over time. However, when asked, their response to “would you like to have a new tooth again” is always “yes that would be lovely!”. With modern dental advances, there are many ways of replacing missing teeth, namely dentures, bridges and implants.
Dentures are great if you are missing all or most of your teeth. These are removable plates that have generally the lowest cost. However many users find them difficult to get used to due to the foreign sensation in your mouth as well as food accumulation around and under the plates.
Dental bridge and implants are fixed alternatives to dentures. Both are great options in replacing a few teeth, bridge using your teeth as anchors, while implants using your jaw bone as the anchor. This blog can help you understand the differences between dental bridge and implant, read more.
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