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Teeth Grinding (bruxism)

Grinding (Bruxism) Treatment Blackburn

Almost everyone grinds and clenches their teeth at some point in their life. If this occurs very occasionally, grinding and clenching do not lead to any major issues. However many people are unaware of their chronic bruxing habits until significant dental problems arise.

If you frequently wake up with a headache, neck ache or sore jaw muscles, you may be grinding and clenching your teeth during sleep. Some people even wake up their partner from loud grinding and snoring. Others walk around all day with teeth tightly clenched together due to work stress. Excessive and constant grinding force cause teeth to wear down, cracks start to develop and sometimes even teeth loosening can occur.

At Hearts Dental, our dentists can help identify if you are a ‘bruxer’ (“to bite, or to gnash, grind the teeth”. People who suffer from bruxism are called bruxists or bruxers and the verb itself is “to brux”.) through detailed history taking a clinical examination of your muscles and dentition (the arrangement or condition of the teeth in a particular species or individual.). Once identified, bruxers can receive custom-made splints to help relieve tension headaches, neck aches and protect the teeth from wear. Other methods in treating TMD may include orthodontic and myofunctional modification through liaised medical experts in this field.

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