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Gum Lift

Gum Lift Treatment Blackburn

If you show more than a few millimeters of your gums when you have a smile, you may have what is called a “gummy smile”. While the cause of a gummy smile is largely genetic and the impact is mostly cosmetic, it can seriously affect your confidence in social situations.

Treatment for excessive gum display may start with muscle relaxant injection into minor muscles that control your lip movement. This is a simple and effective procedure with minimum downtime or discomfort. Results are noticeable in 3-4 days and top-up is possible at 3-4 months intervals.

If you are after a more permanent result, surgical gum lift is often necessary. A gum lift is a minor procedure which involves recontouring of your gums and sometimes the bones underneath. This is done with advanced laser technology under local anesthetic injections so you won’t feel any pain.

Recovery from a gum lift procedure may take as little as 2 days to as much as 2 weeks, depending on how involved your treatment is. We recommend that you rest up for at least a day after your procedure, and avoiding certain food and drinks to allow successful and rapid healings of your gums and bone. Mild painkillers can also be used to reduce post-operative discomfort during your recovery.

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