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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Not all wisdom teeth require removal. Some wisdom teeth are hidden under the gums and cause no harm to the owner at all. However some wisdom teeth are silent offenders, collecting plaque, causing swelling and pain, and in many cases resulting in resulting severe damage to the teeth next door. For these reasons, wisdom teeth are often removed preventively or prophylactically.
The procedure of removing wisdom teeth can be simple, even if they are impacted. Like any other dental extraction, anaesthetics are applied to thoroughly numb the area involved. Your dentist will then apply firm pressure to the tooth until it loosens up and pops out. Stitches are used for wound closure and speedier healing. Usually, the whole process takes no more than half an hour.
Some patients opt to have all wisdom teeth out at once, while others prefer to have one side done (two wisdom teeth at a time) then the other side sometime later. It is best to talk to our dentist so we can work with your schedule and come up with a practical solution.
It is common knowledge that soft food or soup is the preferred diet for months after wisdom teeth removal. While this may be a great opportunity for you to gobble down your favourite ice cream without the guilt, the reality is most patients are back on their feet within weeks. Our dentist will assess your individual case and advise you what is the most appropriate after extraction care for you.
During your initial consultation you will be given a clear indication of the total cost, so you can rest assured of no nasty surprises. At Hearts Dental, our wisdom teeth removal fee starts from $250 per tooth. If you wish to be put to sleep (general anaesthetics) we can also make arrangement for an oral-maxillofacial surgeon to look after you. In this case, the fees will be higher.

Schedule an appointment with Hearts Dental for your wisdom teeth removal consultation. If you have any questions about wisdom teeth removal, our friendly knowledgeable team will be only too happy to help!
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