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FREE Orthodontic Consultation

FREE Orthodontic Consultation Blackburn

More and more teens and adults these days are looking for discreet and innovative ways to improve their smile. Dr. Guo has been providing Invisalign and ClearCorrect for over 8 years now and as part of our opening special, we now provide FREE orthodontic consultation so you can smile again with confidence.

What happens at your orthodontic consultation?

Dr. Guo will assess your smile, determine the current status of your oral health, and identify orthodontic concerns which may affect the function or aesthetics of your smile.

Based on this information, we will discuss the suitable treatment options with you, including estimated costs involved. If you are ready to proceed, a record collection appointment is required at a fee of $500 to allow us to perform complete orthodontic analysis so we can help you achieve your healthy beautiful smile.

To book your FREE consultation, contact our friendly team today!

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