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Proper Technique for Cleaning Your Teeth

And we need to brush in circles, instead of horizontal or vertical. Toothbrushing, what I usually tell my patient is our plaque or bacterias are usually found around the gum line, and also on the biting surface of the big teeth in the back, as well as in between our teeth. So when it comes to brushing, whether if it’s electronic or manual, what we do is we need to angulate our brush 45 degrees in between our teeth and our gum. That way we can get rid of the bacteria along the gum line and then we need to brush in circles instead of horizontal or vertical. We just have to brush at one surface at a time and in gentle, small circles. So our teeth have five surfaces.

We have the front, the biting and the back, but we can only brush three surfaces. The left and right where that’s in between our teeth, we need to use floss so we can get rid of the plaque, we can actually use floss. Electronic toothbrush, so if it’s electronic ones, obviously it’s gonna vibrate on itself, so what we do is we aim at 45 degrees again, that’s very important, and we let the electronic toothbrush to vibrate while spinning on itself. And then usually we keep at one surface around five seconds, and then we move on to the next surface, and then so on and so forth.