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When to change the Brush

Every three months is the recommended timeframe to change our toothbrush. I would recommend we change our toothbrush at least every three months. On some toothbrush nowadays, they have indicators, they have some blue stripes, some of the brushes are blue in colour. So, when it’s getting old or toothbrush time to change, we notice the blue colour is lost, start to fade away, and then, when it becomes pale blue or white in colour, that’s when you need to change your toothbrush.

The ones without the indicators, please change them every three months at least. Some people may notice their toothbrush gets quite old and fail, maybe after a month or a month and a half, that’s indicator of you brushing quite harshly on your teeth and you may cause toothbrush abrasion, so, therefore, if we notice that kind of problems and we know that we need to be gentle with toothbrushing.