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About Us

About Hearts Dental

Heart Dental Clinic is a newly established family dental practice in BLACKBURN VICTORIA in 2018. Our professional team consists of two experienced dental surgeons with many years of extensive clinical dental experience and a group of experienced supporting staff.

Sometimes “medical” space can be less than exciting, with cold fitouts and decors that fail to comfort. When Dr. Qing Guo started her journey of designing Hearts Dental, her goal was to make this space feel more like a home, where she and her team look forward to going to everyday. Much effort and details were put into de-commercialising the clinic, with plenty of natural light and earthy toned finish. Your comfort and well-being is important to us.

No modern dental clinic is complete without advanced medical equipment. Our state-of-the-art dental equipment includes two ANTHOS all-in-one dental chairs capable of carrying out comprehensive treatments including implants and endodontics, one MYRAY dental OPG machine made in Italy, two MYRAY intraoral X-ray machines, one ANTHOS dental autoclave machine for the most astringent sterilization control, digital endodontic apex locator, the latest version of the Philips tooth whitening ZOOM WHITESPEED machine and the latest version of the ITERO 3D scanner imported from the US to facilitate better Invisalign outcomes. 

Hearts Dental Clinic is a fully registered dental facility with strict health regulation compliance. In order to ensure the health and safety of each patient and prevent cross-infection, the highest infection control is carried out on a daily basis to meet the hygiene standards set by the Australian Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines.

Hearts Dental Clinic is a one-stop general dental treatment facility. In the spirit of “enthusiasm, empathy, meticulousness, and thoughtfulness”, our team aims to solve dental problems for our patients, sometimes in conjunction with other allied health specialists. Our dental services include adults and kids preventive dental scaling and cleaning, various gum diseases, tooth decay treatment, tooth extraction, removable dentures, in-chair and take-home teeth whitening, crown restorations with metal-free all-ceramic, zirconia and precious metal. Our implants are imported from Switzerland and Germany with life-time quality assurance. We treat early childhood orthodontic problems by providing facial and dental growth guidance, correction of adolescent and adults dental deformities with braces and Invisalign. We are certified Gold Invisalign providers with many years of orthodontic experiences.

We would like to invite you to experience dentistry from the heart. Welcome, relax and let us take care of you.  — Dr. Qing Guo

We Accept All Major Health Funds

Why Choose Us

Simply put, we have your best interest at heart. At Hearts Dental, Here’s what sets us apart:

We know there is more to you than the teeth we treat. We understand that when you entrust your dental health in our hand, you deserve effort, not just routines. That is why we always allocate longer-than-usual appointment times. You will never feel rushed, but always welcomed, listened to and supported. Give us an opportunity to really get to know you so we can provide a personal treatment plan that makes you feel safe, comfortable, and cared for.
Sometimes the “medical” space can be less than exciting, with cookie cutter fitouts and decors that fail to comfort. When Dr. Guo started her journey by designing Hearts Dental, her goal was to make this space feel like a home, and a place she and her team wanted to go to everyday. Much effort was put into de-commercialising the clinic, with plenty of natural light, soothing music, earthy toned finish, aromatic candles, herbal tea station, kids play corner, watching some Netflix during your treatment, and refreshments at your disposal including a hot face towel afterwards and you might just fall asleep in our memory foam lined deluxe dental chair(which is common at Hearts Dental)! Your comfort and well-being is important to us.
Understanding almost everyone is time-poor these days, we proudly offer the latest digital panoramic and intra-oral x-ray machines from Anthos on site. This means our patients do not have to travel off-site for a separate OPG imaging request. Our digital modern dental imaging equipment allows us to deliver an accurate diagnosis with minimum radiation to you and your family.
We take infection control very seriously to ensure you are safe in our hands. All sterilisation and disinfection procedures are strictly tested and monitored on daily basis to hospital standards. High risk procedures such as wisdom teeth removal and implant surgery always involve full disposables to ensure a successful outcome.
We are accountable for our promises. If we say something, we will do it. This includes our treatment proposals and financial commitments to you and your family. No unwanted surprises, only honesty and transparency.
A few hours of dental pain can feel like an eternity. If something has broken, come loose or you're in pain please book online to find our earliest available appointment. If it is fully booked please call us. We will always try our best to schedule you in for a same day appointment, even on weekends. We know that toothaches cannot wait!
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