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Myobrace Treatment

Myobrace Treatment Melbourne

Fix Crooked Teeth Through Natural Growth & Development

Myobrace is a type of pre-orthodontic treatment for young children designed to help fix crooked teeth by tackling the underlying causes of crooked teeth. The Myobrace itself is a type of oral appliance that not only straightens teeth but uses myo-functional orthodontics to reduce and prevent poor oral habits in young children that tend to lead to crooked teeth.

What Causes Crooked Teeth?

The main causes of crooked teeth are poor oral habits as a child, these habits negatively affect the development of the jaw and teeth. Habits such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting and mouth breathing along with other factors such as asthma and allergies can cause incorrect development of the jaw resulting in misalignment and crooked or twisted teeth.

How Does Myobrace Work?

The Myobrace is a product or oral appliance that can be used by children between the ages of 3 to 15 in order to correct poor oral habits as well as straighten teeth. The correction of poor oral habits that cause crooked teeth will lead to the natural growth and development of the jaw while minimising the need for braces as children grow older.

Traditional braces require that all permanent teeth have appeared prior to treatment, by this time there can be damage to the alignment of jaw and position of teeth due to incorrect development. With myo-functional orthodontic techniques, the causes of these problems can be tackled before the actual problem occurs. This means treatment can be started in young children even as early 3 years old so as to assist in the natural development of teeth while also preventing the need for braces later on in life.

Myobrace Treatment at Hearts Dental:

During the first appointment our friendly dentist will assess your child’s teeth and jaw, discuss their oral habits and determine the ideal Myobrace treatment plan. Myobrace treatment will involve a series of oral appliances that are worn by children for 1 to 2 hours during the day as well as overnight while they are asleep. The Myobrace oral appliance helps correct poor oral habits by ensuring children rest their tongue correctly, swallow properly as well as teaching them to breathe through the nose while also widening the jaws so they grow and develop properly.

The result of Myobrace treatment at an early age is that enough room is created within the jaw for teeth to naturally appear straight in most cases without the need for braces as they grow older.

Dr Qing Guo at Hearts Dental in Blackburn is passionate about early age orthodontics and has extensive experience in early intervention orthodontic treatment for children. Being a mother of two young children herself, she understands the concern that parents go through and strives to ensure that children are able to achieve the beautiful smile they deserve.

Speak to the friendly team at Hearts Dental today to find out more about our early age orthodontic treatment options.

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