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Invisalign Teen and Adults

Invisalign Teen and Adults

Since 1997, Invisalign has been offering clear straightening solutions for more than 5 million people worldwide. The technology uses a series of clear plastic aligners that patients swap out every two weeks to slowly straighten their teeth. Using 3D computer technology to predict precise teeth movement, Invisalign offers a wonderful alternative to those who wish to have beautiful straight teeth but do not want to attract attention by wearing ugly metal “train tracks” on their teeth.

- Invisible at a social distance (unless you tell them!)
- Comfortable as there is no metal brackets or wires scratching the cheeks and lips
- Painless as there is no tightening of wires and the aligners move teeth more gently
- Aligners are removable to allow better oral hygiene care, thus minimising dental decay and gum diseases that may be associated with conventional braces
- No extraction needed to correct crowded teeth
- Better airway – expanding the dental arches often results in improved airway and breathing
- Not everyone is suitable for clear aligner therapy such as cases of severe crowding or with skeletal based problems
- Teeth may need to be polished or made slender to resolve the crowding (instead of extraction to make space)
- Clear aligner therapy normally costs more than traditional braces.

Dr. Guo has been utilising Invisalign to deliver straight smiles to her patients since 2006. While she enjoys the ability to also offer conventional braces, Invisalign has been overwhelmingly popular with teenagers and adults. The advantages of Invisalign over conventional braces is very clear (pun intended).

Dr. Qing Guo Believes