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Gummy Smiles

Too Much Gums On Display When You Smile?

Gummy smile is a condition where too much gums are on display when you smile. It is mostly a cosmetic concern as a gummy smile can sometimes be embarrassing and affecting social confidence.

A beautiful smile is not only made up of straight teeth, but also the gums and lips framing those teeth. A smile can appear gummy when:

- Too much gums (genetics or medications related)
- Hyperactive muscles which lift the upper lip too much
- Incorrect proportion of teeth size and shape
- Bone structure problems
Depending on the cause of your gummy smile, you could benefit from one of the following treatment options:

- Gum-recontouring: where excess gum is trimmed and crafted with laser technology. This procedure is quick and painless, with excellent recovery time.
- Muscle relaxant injection: tiny drops of muscle relaxants are injected where the hyperactive orbicularis oris muscles are. This procedure is quick and painless, and repeat injections are recommended to maintain the result.
- Correction of disproportionate teeth with porcelain veneers
- Correction of disproportionate teeth with braces or Invisalign
At Hearts Dental, our dentists are highly trained in smile analysis and design. Using a wide range of dental tools and other technologies such as diode laser, muscle relaxant, we can help identify the cause of your gummy smile and recommend appropriate treatments to revitalise your smile. If you would like to visit us for your free smile assessment, contact us for an appointment today!
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