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Gum Disease Treatment

Gum Disease Treatment Hearts Dental Melbourne

Gum disease ranges from relatively simple gum inflammation, right through to much more serious problems involving the gums and bones of the jaws that can lead to bacterial infection and tooth loss. Rest assured though, the expert team at Hearts Dental can manage and treat your gum disease, regardless of how severe or what type.

A course of gum disease treatment normally takes over 2-4 visits, depending on its severity.  

Our management protocol involves:

  1. Clinical periodontal analysis and recording
  • This is a special examination performed as part of the diagnosis and management of periodontal disease. The procedure consists of assessing and recording a patient’s periodontal condition.
  1. Periodontal debridement
  • The mechanical removal of biofilm and calculus from a periodontally diseased tooth to a level consistent with periodontal health.

Following treatment each time, it is highly recommended that you follow our home instructions when cleaning and caring for your gums and teeth. Our dentists will review at each subsequent visit to make sure your gum condition is improving. Extreme cases where your gums are not responding to treatment will be referred to specialist periodontists for further management.

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