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Hearts Dental is now QIP Accredited!!!

Hearts Dental, located in Blackburn, is proud to be awarded by Quality Innovation Performance (QIP) as an accredited dental clinic. QIP is an independent organisation specialises in assessing public and private dental clinics for its general standards and performances, benchmarking dental clinics against national health standards.

A QIP Accredited dental practice has demonstrated its willingness and ability to improve policies and procedures in accordance with highest clinical standards and best dental practices. NOT all dental practices in Blackburn and surrounding areas are QIP accredited. In fact, very few dental practices in our area are accredited because it is not compulsory for Australian dental practices to become accredited. However Dr Qing Guo and the team at Hearts Dental believe that it is very important to provide the best care possible and to strive for perfection in all aspects of patient care, workplace health and safety and patient happiness.
It took our team 3 months to earn this prestigious qualification, which is a record time on its own. We worked through many aspects of our dental clinic operations, including: implementation of best practice systems and processes, reductions to clinical and business risk, while enhancing consumer confidence and outcomes.
It simply means “a peace of mind” when visiting a QIP- accredited practice!

Being a QIP Accredited practice means that we value your dental health and that our policies provide a working model to achieve and enhance best-practice in dentistry. For example, one such policy requires the most astringent infection control practices on a daily basis. All staff are intimately familiar with the requirements of infection control set out by the relevant governing bodies at the Federal level. Our last infection control team training was done on-site in December 2019 and is due for a repeat in December 2020.

QIP Accreditation also means that all staff abide by strict protocols when it comes to patient privacy and confidentiality. We also ensure that each patient receives appropriate information about the treatment they are to receive so that they can make informed decisions.

To a patient, it is sometimes difficult to understand the standards of a clinic-based on a personal judgement or word of mouth. The accreditation serves as a professional endorsement – as well as added assurance – to both patients and staff that the practice is committed to safety, quality and excellence.

The QIP Accreditation is not just a badge we wear on our sleeves. It represents an ongoing commitment on the part of our practice, including all our dentists and staff, to uphold the highest levels of professional dental care and safety standards.
⦁ High standards of clinical infection control and patient safety
⦁ Adhere to patient privacy and confidentiality laws
⦁ Promotes quality staff performance and positive practice culture
⦁ Minimise clinical and general risks to patients and staff
⦁ Compliance with Government regulatory requirements

Hearts Dental is proud to be a QIP Accredited practice and to offer our patients the very best care in Blackburn, Box Hill and surrounding suburbs. Call our friendly and approachable team on (03) 9978 4869 to book an appointment or find out more, or you can easily book your appointment online here.

Dr. Qing Guo Believes