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Comprehensive Exam

Comprehensive Check-Up

Your first visit examination at Hearts Dental is a comprehensive exam which usually takes 30 minutes. Our aim is to get a thorough understanding of your concerns, identify any dental health issues and work with you to achieve a dental health plan.

Your first visit involves:

  • A full set of Photos of your teeth – so we can monitor your dental health visually
  • Digital X-rays of your teeth (where required) – we have in-house OPG machine which saves you time and travel
  • Oral cancer screen – we are interested in your oral health beyond just teeth
  • Jaw muscles and joint assessment – if you think you might be grinding, talk to us!
  • Oral Hygiene assessment
  • A full record of your current gum and teeth conditions
  • Addressing other health issues such as clenching/grinding, Mouth breathing, snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • An optional hygiene treatment (scale and clean)

Following the identification of issues, we work with you to make well-informed decisions about your dental health care. If complex treatment is required, a comprehensive written treatment plan and complete estimate of fees will be provided. Some cases might call for a specialist, and we will organise referrals as needed. Payment plan options are available at Hearts Dental. At Hearts Dental, we believe you are in charge of your own dental health. Call us for a dental checkup and receive an oral hygiene gift pack!

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