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Cathy Zheng

Cathy Zheng Dental Assistant Blackburn

Cathy Zheng - Dental Assistant

Cathy Zheng is one of our very talented dental assistants at Hearts Dental and possibly one of the most entertaining people you may ever meet. Cathy’s Chinese name literally means “Happy”, and this is accurately reflected by her cheerful chairside manner and optimistic attitude towards life in general. Cathy always welcomes patients, big or small, with a heartfelt smile and puts those who may fear the dentist at ease through her professional enthusiasm.

With a biomedical degree in progress at the University of Melbourne, Cathy hopes one day to become a dentist too. “I always find great pleasure in assisting our dentists, and see people’s big smiles at the end of each treatment”, says Cathy. She hopes to deliver excellent dental care through strong communication and personalised care.

Cathy likes to hang out with friends and family when she is not working or studying. In her spare time, Cathy is also a dance enthusiast. In high school, Cathy served as the president of the street dance club and taught street dance classes to little kids.

Cathy Zheng是我们的牙医助手。当你见到Cathy的时候,就会体验到什么是“人如其名”。Cathy的中文名叫“开心”,不管做什么事你都能看到她灿烂的笑容,每天都为我们的诊所带来许多欢乐。Cathy现在是墨尔本大学生物医学的学生,有着以后成为一名牙医的目标. Cathy对工作有着自己的认真态度和服务热情。 她希望可以就像自己的名字一样,让别人因为她的存在而感到幸福。 帮助医生为病人进行最专业负责的治疗是Cathy工作的职责,她同样希望通过和病人的沟通,更多的了解到每个人,让每一个人都感受到关怀和温暖。

Cathy在工作学习之余喜欢和朋友家人呆在一起,也喜欢街舞。 在高中时,Cathy曾担任街舞社社长,在假期教授街舞课程。

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