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Our Support Team

Ashley Receptionist Blackburn

Ashley - Receptionist

Ashley is our bubbly dental assistant and dental receptionist. Ashley grew up in Malaysia, but now she calls Melbourne her home. Ashley completed her degree in Biomedical Science and is now pursuing a career in dental research. 

Ashley is particularly gentle with children, and she loves being involved in the process that helps young kids achieve good oral health.

During spare time, Ashley loves reading, cooking and growing vegetables in her garden. 

Ashley是我们客服前台。 Ashley在马来西亚长大,但现在她称墨尔本为她的家。 Ashley拥有生物医学科学学位,现在正在从事牙科研究工作。 Ashley对孩子特别温柔,她喜欢参与帮助幼儿获得良好口腔健康的过程。 业余时间,Ashley喜欢烹饪和读书,并和父亲一起管理有机菜园。

Cathy Zheng Dental Assistant Blackburn

Cathy - Dental Assistant

Cathy Zheng is one of our very talented dental assistants at Hearts Dental and possibly one of the most entertaining people you may ever meet. Cathy’s Chinese name literally means “Happy”, and this is accurately reflected by her cheerful chair-side manner and optimistic attitude towards life in general. Cathy always welcomes patients, big or small, with a heartfelt smile and puts those who may fear the dentist at ease through her professional enthusiasm.

With a biomedical degree in progress at the University of Melbourne, Cathy hopes one day to become a dentist too.

Cathy Zheng 是我们的牙医助手。当你见到Cathy的时候,就会体验到什么是“人如其名”。Cathy的中文名叫“开心”,不管做什么事你都能看到她灿烂的笑容,每天都为我们的诊所带来许多欢乐。Cathy现在是墨尔本大学生物医学的学生,有着以后成为一名牙医的目标. Cathy对工作有着自己的认真态度和服务热情。

Cathy在工作学习之余喜欢和朋友家人呆在一起,也喜欢街舞。 在高中时,Cathy曾担任街舞社社长,在假期教授街舞课程。

Jing Dental Assistant Blackburn

Jing - Dental Assistant

Jing is our friendly and positive dental assistant who treats every patient with care and gentleness.

Fun fact: Her son’s name is one of the characters in Toy Story!


Sophie Dental Assistant Blackburn

Sophie - Dental Assistant

Sophie is our warm and welcoming dental assistant who pays great attention to detail. Her gentleness ensures all patients feel comfortable during treatment. Sophie has a background in clinical science, and is currently carrying out reasearch relating to sleep studies.

Fun Fact: Her stomach can’t tolerate too much kimchi!

Sophie 是我們熱情友好的客服前台,他非常注重細節。她的溫柔確保所有患者在治療期間感到舒適。


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