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Benefits of Coming to Dentist

– The benefit of coming to your dentist every six months, one of it is to–

– See our beautiful face, make you happy.

– Seeing dentists every six months is, I would consider, a personal hygiene standard. Just like changing your toothbrush every three months, also, getting your hair cut maybe every three months, getting your car fixed every year, is all very important to make sure that things don’t break down suddenly. So, we have patients who never see dentists for many, many years, and they have a lot of dental problems or they have terrible hygiene, they don’t know how to brush and look after their own teeth so, after six months, when they return, we’re able to see improvement and we’re able to tell them, “you’re doing a great job,” or where there is anything that needs to be improved. Some people needs to be coming back every three months also because they have more severe problems, they need to have more maintenance, but six months is a good standard.

– Yeah.

– Anything to add?

– I found I witness for a lot of the patient getting better, yeah.

– And insurance companies also encourage six month recourse and maintenance appointments so, if you require any dental check-up, claim, or any treatment, make sure you give us a call.

– I’ll pick up the call and then book you an appointment, I’ll guarantee your spot in 24 hours.

– Are you okay?