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Different signs of Gum Disease

If you’ve got bleeding gums, it’s a sign. Your body is telling you please take me to see a dentist. There are many signs and symptoms of gum disease and one of the very common ones is bleeding during brushing or eating. I have a patient who says to me “Oh it’s normal to bleed “when you brush your teeth, isn’t it?” Well the fact is it’s not.

Healthy gums shouldn’t bleed, so if you have bleeding gums it’s a sign. Your body is telling you, please take me to see a dentist. Other symptoms may be sensitivity to hot or cold. It could be that your teeth have drifted from it’s original position. Typically the lower front teeth that’s moved away. Suddenly you notice gaps appearing between your teeth. That means your teeth have drifted. Other signs and symptoms could be that your teeth feel weak to eat on.

A lot of people say that they feel uncomfortable to chew or bite on their back teeth and that’s typically due to some bone loss around those teeth making the teeth weak to chew on your favourite food. Another symptom could be bad breath. Bad breath is embarrassing. I don’t know what’s more embarrassing, to be told that you have bad breath or to have bad breath, but no one tells you about it. There is a way to secretly test to see if you have bad breath without anyone else knowing.

So it’s basically licking the inner part of your wrist, and wait for it to dry, and while no one’s around, give it a sniff. If it smells good, that means you should be good. If it smells anything more than saliva, better go see a dentist. So why don’t you try that little test today and see if your breath smells good or not.