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How do I not get decay

We need to think of what causes decay. There are a few issues. So the main problem that causing decay is bacteria that’s on our teeth. So how can we get rid of the bacteria on our teeth is from brushing. If we can form a good brushing habits to prevent ourself from having decay, and also flossing also prevent us from having decay in between our teeth. If we can master the brushing technique properly, improve our quality of brushing, and that will prevent ourselves from having decay even after sweets. To be honest, I have sweet tooth and often eat cake, candies, chocolates, anything sweets, and guess what? I never had decay. I never had fillings. And I’m proud of it. And I tell my friends how I keep myself away from decay and I clean my teeth every time I had a sweet. Whether if it’s drink or food or candy, I floss my teeth straight away. I brush my teeth straight away. If I don’t have access to a brush, I at least rinse my mouth with water at first and I brush I teeth at home when I get home straight away. So I can eat, confidently say I can eat as much sweet as I want without worrying about decay. Maybe I’ll gain some weight, but I’ll do exercise to get rid of it.