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Is Flossing Necessary

Flossing it’s to clean our gap between our teeth. Flossing is necessary. It’s mandatory to do it after, at least once a day. Sometimes maybe multiple times, if you had sweet food. So, flossing it’s to clean our gap between our teeth. So, imagine us taking shower, if we only showered the front, the back without showering the left and the right for many, many, many years then, our body will smell. And same thing for teeth if you’re only brushing with brush then we can only brush the front, the biting surface and the back. What about the left and right? If we never brush it it’s like we never showered for all these years. It’s gonna be very dirty. Kids and adults will always have decay in between our teeth. Therefore, flossing is important and make sure you keep a floss in your bag so it’s always on the go. So for floss, we usually just get the common ones that we can find in supermarket and this is what we have in our clinic. So what we do is to take a bit of the floss around this long, okay. And then what we do is to roll around our finger leaving some distance in between for us to floss. So what we do is, if you can follow me. So we take our floss and then we find in between our teeth, we find a gap, we come in and then we hug around one tooth. Okay, the reason why we’re hacking it is so we can remove as much plaque as possible. And then we just remove it. Okay. Like that. And then same thing you go in to the same gap and then we’re gonna hack the other tooth and then come upwards. And we have to do that for every single teeth in between our teeth and also do it at least once a day.