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Look after your teeth after deep cleaning

– Sensitivity is also part of the side effect. The good news is that it usually does not linger.

– [Female Hygienist] There’s a teeth right there.

– Things you may notice after having a deep clean is one, you have gaps in between your teeth where it wasn’t there before. So, people think that there is a bad thing, it actually is good, that means we’ve cleaned away all the tartar that’s stuck in between your teeth before, all right? So, enjoy the clean teeth feeling. The second side effect of having your teeth cleaned is post-operative sensitivity.

– Okay, I’m not sure about that but normally, we can help by recommending some de-sensitizing toothpaste , usually after a few days, sensitivities would subside.

– Dr. Sophie is demonstrating how to use Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste, basically, you rub along all of your teeth until you feel happy.