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Manual vs Electric Tooth Brush

The effectiveness of electronic and manual toothbrush are very similar. To be honest, it depends on a personal preference and which one is more comfortable for you to use. So we… But in general, we recommend a toothbrush head that’s small in size, that’s smaller in size as far as they have to be soft. The reason is because we want soft brush so that it doesn’t cause trauma to the gum and also to prevent gum recession. Studies shows that, long term study, shows that the effectiveness of electronic and manual toothbrush are very similar. So in the end, it still comes to which one you’re more comfortable with, and in Hearts Dental here, what we can do is to assess how well you clean by placing some, what we call it, gel that will display where you haven’t been brushing well and then the patient will be able to see where they have missed and then we can assess whether they can clean this area with a manual toothbrush. If not, maybe we will recommend them to try electronic and then assess maybe after another few weeks just to see which one is more effective for the patient, yeah. So after all it still, depends on the patient and we make a decision from there. I use electronic toothbrush. The reason is because when I wake up, I’m a bit lazy, I just wanna put it in my mouth, and then go away. Yes so, I use electronic, I’m used to, I use electronic since when I was very small, so, that’s what I know. I myself, I’m pretty comfortable with it, yeah.